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Speaker Sponsorships are another powerful promotional option to have your company showcased to our 2013 WRDC attendees! Look at at these exciting Speaker Sponsorship opportunities shown below and Sponsor a speaker at the 2013 WRDC!


  1. Gerald Haasken, (Details)
  2. Michael Abernathy, DDS (Details)
  3. Elizabeth Bakeman, DDS (Details)
  4. Kevin Henry, (Details)
  5. Uche Odiatu, BA, DMD (Details)
  6. John Piakis, DDS (Details)
  7. Heidi Arndt, RDH, BSDH (Details)
  8. Ray Bertolotti, DDS, PhD (Details)
  9. Joe Blaes, DDS (Details)
  10. Jen Butler, (Details)
  11. Doug Carlsen, DDS (Details)
  12. Tim Caruso, PT (Details)
  13. Gerard Chiche, DDS (Details)
  14. Bruce Christopher, (Details)
  15. Marc Geissberger, DDS (Details)
  16. Catharine Goodson, DDS (Details)
  17. Mary Govoni, (Details)
  18. Janice Hurley, (Details)
  19. Laney Kay, JD, MPH (Details)
  20. Walt Kucaba, DDS, MS (Details)
  21. Tieraona Low Dog, MD (Details)
  22. Louis Malcmacher, DDS (Details)
  23. Alan Mead, DDS (Details)
  24. Dale Miles, DDS (Details)
  25. Trisha O`Hehir, RDH, MS (Details)
  26. Jay Okimoto, (Details)
  27. Bill Owens, MBA (Details)
  28. Laci Phillips, (Details)
  29. Steve Rasner, DMD (Details)
  30. David Rolf, II, DMD (Details)
  31. Rhonda Savage, DDS (Details)
  32. Dianne Watterson, RDH, MBA (Details)
  33. David Wong, DDS (Details)
  34. Samuel Molind, DMD (Details)
  35. Chris Torregrossa, CPA (Details)
  36. Paula Aguayo, JD (Details)
  37. Clinton Johnson, (Details)
Already Taken

  1. Diane Millar, RDH, MA (Details)
  2. Rob Veis, DDS (Details)
  3. Lynne Brock, DDS (Details)
  4. Cari Callaway-Nelson, DDS (Details)
  5. Tim Caruso, PT (Details)
  6. Jack Griffin, DMD (Details)
  7. Vijay Parashar, DDS, BDS (Details)
  8. David Wong, DDS (Details)
  9. Jason Wood, JS (Details)
  10. Patrick Wood, JD (Details)