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Speaker Sponsorships are another powerful promotional option to have your company showcased to our 2013 WRDC attendees! Look at at these exciting Speaker Sponsorship opportunities shown below and Sponsor a speaker at the 2013 WRDC!


  1. Gerald Haasken, (Details)
  2. Michael Abernathy, DDS (Details)
  3. John Alonge, MS, DDS (Details)
  4. Suzanne Black, (Details)
  5. Nate Booth, DDS (Details)
  6. Marcy Cady, (Details)
  7. Ed Comitz, (Details)
  8. Howard Farran, DDS, MBA (Details)
  9. Michael DiTolla, DDS (Details)
  10. Gene Flanery, (Details)
  11. Theresa Johnson, RDH (Details)
  12. John Kanca, DMD (Details)
  13. Dean Kois, DMD, MSD (Details)
  14. Kevin Henry, (Details)
  15. Peter Jacobsen, PhD, DDS (Details)
  16. Tieraona Low Dog, MD (Details)
  17. John Nosti, DMD (Details)
  18. Phyllis Martina, RDH (Details)
  19. Uche Odiatu, BA, DMD (Details)
  20. Alan Mead, DDS (Details)
  21. Michael Perry, DDS (Details)
  22. Diane Millar, RDH, MA (Details)
  23. John Piakis, DDS (Details)
  24. Joy Millis, (Details)
  25. Anthony Pogrel, DDS, MD (Details)
  26. Alison Quinn, (Details)
  27. Bethany Valachi, PT, MS, CEAS (Details)
  28. Rob Veis, DDS (Details)
  29. Ron Reed, CPA (Details)
  30. Bruce Weinstein, PhD (Details)
  31. Gary Takacs, (Details)
  32. Rita Zamora, (Details)
  33. Geza Terezhalmy, DDS, MA (Details)
Already Taken

  1. Joyce Bassett, DDS (Details)
  2. Elizabeth Bakeman, DDS (Details)
  3. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, FICD, FACD (Details)
  4. Teresa Duncan, MS (Details)
  5. Larry Emmott, DDS (Details)
  6. Dan Fischer, DDS (Details)
  7. Terrance Donovan, DDS (Details)
  8. David Harris, (Details)
  9. Van Haywood, DMD (Details)
  10. James Lichon, RPh, DDS, NCCM (Details)
  11. Pam Hughes, RDH, MS (Details)
  12. Kaneta Lott, DDS (Details)
  13. John Nosti, DMD (Details)
  14. Joy Millis, (Details)
  15. Martin Margetis, DDS (Details)